Extension Curricula World of English 1-3

  • ECTS: 15 per Extension Curriculum (up to 45 total)
  • Minimum duration: 1 semester per Extension Curriculum (up to 3 total)
  • Average duration: 4 semesters
  • Prerequisites: Completion of the STEOP
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Subject areas: Linguistics, Literary Studies, Cultural Studies
  • Compulsory courses: 3 lectures per Extension Curriculum (up to 9 total)

Students of BA 033 612 English and American Studies

"World of English 1/2/3" cannot be taken by students of the BA English and American Studies.

The extension curriculum The World of English 1 provides students who major in another field with basic knowledge of English and American Studies. They get a general overview of the literatures, cultures and language of English-speaking countries and learn about the core terms and concepts of (English) linguistics, literary studies and cultural studies.

In The World of English 2 and 3, students get to extend their knowledge of these disciplines by choosing among a total of 6 lectures from the BA English and American Studies. They can find out more about English morphology, syntax, semantics and psycholinguistics (Introduction to the Study of Language 2), historical linguistics (The History of English), the history of English literature (Literature Survey 1 & 2), theoretical models in the field of cultural studies (Introduction to Cultural Theories) and/or the cultural representation of certain aspects of English-speaking societies (Culture, Society & the Media).