Course recognition (Anerkennung)

The recognition of courses is a rather complex administrative and legal process. Below, you can find the following information to help you understand what it is all about:


Please take the time to read through the FAQ before contacting us or submitting your application.

 Recognition - 10 key facts

If you just want to get a first idea of how recognition works, here is a summary of the most important points:

  1. Course recognition = Anerkennung = transfer of course(s) from one programme to another
  2. Recognition process may take up to 8 weeks
  3. Application = Form + copy of your transcript(s)
  4. Highlight relevant courses on transcript
  5. Application needs to be handed in at SSS
  6. Submission only in print form
  7. For courses taken at our department: Recognition regulation may apply (see Downloads for a list of regulations)
  8. For courses taken at other universities: Get advice on recognisable courses before submitting your application
  9. Notice of recognition (Anerkennungsbescheid) collected at SSS
  10. ID required for picking up documents

 Recognition - Frequently asked questions


WHEN do I need a recognition?
WHAT can I get recognised?
HOW does the recognition process work?
WHICH documents do I need?
HOW MANY application forms do I need to hand in?
WHERE do I hand in the application/pick up the notice of recognition?
HOW LONG does it take until the process is complete?
WHO gives advice on course recognition?
Special case: External Recognition