Course recognition (Anerkennung)

The recognition of courses is a rather complex administrative and legal process. Below, you can find the following information to help you understand what it is all about:


Please take the time to read through the FAQ before contacting us or submitting your application.

 Recognition - 10 key facts (COVID 19 regulations)

If you just want to get a first idea of how recognition works, here is a summary of the most important points:

  1. Course recognition = Anerkennung = transfer of course(s) from one programme to another
  2. Recognition process may take up to 8 weeks
  3. Application = Form + copy of your transcript(s)
  4. Highlight relevant courses on transcript
  5. Application needs to be handed in at SSS
  6. Submission only via email from your u:account (university email address) - this serves as an identification of your identity.
  7. For courses taken at our department: Recognition regulation may apply (see Downloads for a list of regulations)
  8. For courses taken at other universities: Get advice on recognisable courses before submitting your application
  9. Notice of recognition (Anerkennungsbescheid) will be sent by the SSS
  10. The SSS will send it to your u:account (university email address). Currently, all certificates are issued with an online signature (Amtssignatur), the document is only valid after you have confirmed that you have received it.

 Recognition - Frequently asked questions


WHEN do I need a recognition?
WHAT can I get recognised?
HOW does the recognition process work?
WHICH documents do I need?
HOW MANY application forms do I need to hand in?
WHERE do I hand in the application/pick up the notice of recognition? (COVID 19 regulations)
HOW LONG does it take until the process is complete?
WHO gives advice on course recognition?
Special Case: External Recognition
Special Case: ECs and AEs