Info for prospective students

You can find information on all the degree programmes we currently offer here.

Please note that our department is not responsible for any doctoral programmes. If you're interested in doing your PhD at the University of Vienna, please contact the Center for Doctoral Studies.

How to become a student of the University of Vienna

If you want to study with us, the first thing you need to do is enroll at the University of Vienna.

The specific steps you need to take depend on where you are from, what degrees you have obtained and which programme you would like to study. You can find further information at the Teaching Affairs and Student Services website.

Please note that our department is NOT involved in the enrolment procedure. Therefore, please direct all your admission-related questions to the University's central Admission Office.

Let's Talk

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You can also make use of the inidividual counseling before officially applying for one of our degree programs. Let's Talk is an on-site information offer, provided by the Admission Office, which should help you clarify any questions you may have about the process, documents you may need, deadlines, entrance exam, etc. 

Please note that the application process happens online! 

Entrance Exam

As of WS19/20 students have to take an entrance exam in order to enrol in the BA English & American Studies program.

Please consult this webpage for more information on the entrance exam. 

Online Self-Assessment

If you want to find out whether studying English at our department is the right thing for you, we highly recommend that you do the Online Self-Assessment (OSA) for our BA English and American studies.

Individual Counselling

If you have read up on our programmes, but have further questions about studying at our department, please contact: