SSS Online Services

Due to CoVid regulations, no physical office hours will be offered until further notice. In the meantime you can contact the SSS office via email ( and during our telephone hours (Mon to Thu between 11 am and 12 pm). 

Documents are to be handed in via E-Mail as well. You can find more information on this here

Our services

Generally speaking, the SSS Anglistik (Studies Service Unit for students of English and American Studies) is responsible for issues and questions concerning your studies at the Department of English and American studies.

Before contacting us

Please always check whether you can find the answers to any of your questions on one of our info pages. This way, we can focus on the more complicated issues and make sure that you get help faster when you really need us.

What we can help you with

More specifically, we can offer support with regard to any of the following matters:

Handing in:

  • Applications for recognition of courses
  • Forms for degree completion (BA, BEd)
  • Forms for completion of a stage of the diploma programme (344)
    • 1st diploma certificate (1. Abschnitt)
    • only if you don't write your thesis in English:
      2nd diploma certificate (2. Abschnitt)
  • Portfolios, seminar papers, etc. for lecturers

! Please note that electronic submission (via U:SPACE or by e-mail) is not possible. Print your application and come to our opening hours or use our postbox.
Update: Due to COVID-19 regulations electronic submissions are currently accepted. More info about the SSS online services can be found here.

Picking up:

  • Official notices of course recognition
  • Documents deposited for you by members of staff

Questions about / problems with: 

  • Transcript of records (Sammelzeugnis)
  • Course and exam registration in U:SPACE
  • Lecture exams (e.g. de-registration in case of illness)
  • Other administrative issues relating to your studies at the Department of English and American Studies

Further services:

  • General questions about the administration of your studies or one of our study programmes
  • Student Advisory Services (Monica Dirnberger)
    • Advice on study-related questions, study law
    • Support for MA and Diplom 344 students in the final phase of their studies
    • Issuing of confirmations
  • During late registration: course swapping and registration for remaining course places (Restplatzvergabe)
  • Lost and found

What we can't help you with

If you need help with any of the following matters, you will need to contact someone else:

Handing in:

  • Form "Topic and supervision of diploma/MA thesis"
    StudienServiceCenter (no SPL signature required)

Picking up:

Questions about / problems with: