Bachelor Programmes

  • On September 30th at 9:30 we will offer an online orientation session Orientierungsveranstaltung for BA (link) and on October 1st at 9:30 for BEd (link) beginners with some more information on your first semester and the possibility to ask questions. Please register for your session via u:find/u:space  “Orientierungsveranstaltung” by the previous evening. You won’t be able to register if you have not completed your admission to the university (“Zulassung”). On the day of the “Orientierungsveranstaltung”, please log on Moodle, find the course in your Dashboard and enter the stream. 

  • You need to sign up for the STEOP (Studieneingangs- und orientierungsphase) lectures and pass the corresponding exams in the first semester. More detailed information here: STEOP.

    Due to CoVid, the format of the STEOP will be a little different than usual. All STEOP lectures can be accessed online. However, the STEOP exams will be held on-site in person.

    Note for BEd: Grammar in Use is not a STEOP lecture, but can be taken in the first semester already. Please note that you can only take the exam after you pass the STEOP exams first.

  • VELT: one of the first things you will need to do, is take part in our obligatory language test. You can find more information about it here: Vienna English Language Test (VELT).

    Sign up until September 15th for the test on September 22nd or sit the VELT at the next opportunity in February. Passing the VELT in your second semester will not delay your studies.

  • If you did not study Latin at school you will need to do the “Ergänzungsprüfung”. We advise you to find out if you have to sit the exam and start preparing for it in your first semester already. Consult