General information about internships (MA 066 844, Anglophone Literatures and Cultures)

  • Within Module 5 it is possible to do an internship and/or electives. 
  • The internship amounts to 6 ECTS, which corresponds to 150 hours (1 ECTS ≙ 25 hours). You can split these hours into a max. of two separate internships.
  • The internship will be accompanied by the UE “Internship” (1 ECTS), offered only in the summer term. You can take the UE only in tandem with an internship.
  • It is the individual student’s obligation to find an internship position that is in line with the content and the goals of the study programme. Possible fields can be media and advertising, public relations and intercultural communication, museums, digital humanities, library internships, conference organization, research projects, project management, journal editing, publishing industry, adult (vocational) training and higher education, etc.
  • Your internship needs to be approved in advance by the SPL. Please send your documents and the application form (from your official unet-account only) to


  • There are no fixed deadlines for doing your internship(s). However, students should plan for taking the UE around the time when doing their internship(s) - ideally in February or during the summer (term) of the UE Internship.
  • Please note: a regular employment or previous internship cannot be used towards Module 5.

Before the internship: approval process

Submission of documentation to the SPL:

  • confirmation of employer(s) including information on hours per week, time period, content and activities of internship, supervision, dated and signed by employer
  • application for approval 

After the internship:

Submission of documents at the SSS for using the internship towards Module 5:

  • official certificate(s) of employer(s) including documentation of time period, amount of hours, description of your employment activities and responsibilities
  • application form signed by the SPL
  • completed UE Internship

Current intership offers

  • Art Industry Journalist Internship with FollowART by Art Fairs Service. For more information about this internship click here.
  • Praktikum in der Erwachsenenbildung an der Flieger- und Fliegerabwehrtruppenschule. For more information about this intership click here.