Registration periods for courses

Please make sure to read carefully through the instructions for registration, course swapping, and the late registration period for WS2020 here

Lectures (VO)
from 1.9. until 1 week before the 1st exam sitting

You don't need to allocate points for lectures.

Please note that Moodle platforms are sometimes only activated once the 1st session has taken place. Therefore, if you sign up for a lecture before the term starts, please wait until after the 1st session before you contact your lecturer(s).

Tutorials do not require registration.
Exception: You do need to register for the PPOCS 1 Language Lab via U:SPACE, but don't need to allocate points.

Courses with continuous assessment (UE, PS, SE, VK, AR, ...)

8.9. (12:00) to 15.9. (23:59)

registration for ILSS 1 is possible until 23.09. (23:59)

Course allocationuntil 28.9.
Courses start5.10.

Attention: If you cannot make it to the first lesson of your course, you need to write the lecturer an e-mail stating the reason you cannot attend BEFORE the start of the lesson. All students who do not show up and fail to inform the lecturer in time will be automatically deregistered.

Deregistration from courses with continuous assessment is possible until 31 October and is done in U:SPACE. If you quit a course after this date, you will get a fail grade. If you intend to deregister from a course you're currently in, please do so as early as possible in order to allow for one of your colleagues from the waiting list to take your place.

Important: If you want to take ILSS 1 and have not passed the Vienna English Language Test (VELT) yet, you must sign up for both ILSS 1 and VELT during the same registration period. Do not wait until you've passed the VELT to sign up for ILSS 1! Should you not pass the VELT, your registration for ILSS 1 will simply not count, but there is no chance to sign up for ILSS 1 anymore if you wait until after the VELT has taken place (except through remaining course places, see below).

4th attempt: The system will not let you sign up if it is your 4th attempt at a course with continuous assessment. In that situation, please write an e-mail to the SSS during the registration period. You need to include your preferences ("Parallelveranstaltungen") in the correct order and how many points you want to spend.

Late registration (Nachmeldephase)
Course swappingfrom course allocation until 9.10 (only with a confirmed course place!)
Remaining course places (Restplätze)
for students of English
on 12.10, 15.10, and 19.10.
Remaining course places (Restplätze)
for students from other departments

on 12.10, 15.10, and 19.10.
Please note: Students of English take precedence, i.e. you may have to wait for confirmation of your registration(s) until the last day of late registration.

To swap courses with another student or to claim one of the remaining course places, please come to the SSS Anglistik in person and fill in the respective form(s) and don't forget to bring your u:card. Registration/reservation by e-mail is not possible. Course places will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis.

Important: You can only sign up for remaining course places if you fulfil all the requirements for the respective course(s)!

Incoming ERASMUS students from other departments, please contact Mag. Monika Wittmann about the possibility of participating in courses.