Common Final Test (CFT)

In the second semester of the language competence module Integrated Language and Study Skills (i.e. at the end of ILSS 2), all students are required to sit the Common Final Test (CFT), a standardised test on academic reading and argumentative writing skills. Further information can be obtained from your ILSS teachers during the semester.

The CFT test specifications can be downloaded here.

CFT Benchmarks

The benchmarked scripts are authentic test performances illustrative of a particular level of the ILSS 2 rating scale. Members of the ILSS team have rated these scripts according to the common rating scale, compared and discussed the ratings, and reached a consensus about the scores awarded.

It should be noted that each script is representative of the benchmark criterion only. The score cannot be generalised to other scale criteria. The aim of the benchmarks and the justifications given for the scores is to help ILSS students better understand the requirements of the CFT writing task and the rating scale criteria. (Benchmarks for linguistic range and linguistic accuracy will be available shortly.)