All Students

Which mode will courses in W21 be taught in?

Courses will be taught online, hybrid or on site. Exams will take place online or on site.

The course descriptions in u:find will tell you more. 

Do I need to register for online courses?

Yes you do! Registration happens exactly the same as always

For first semesters this simply means that you need to subscribe to all your STEOP lectures in u:find/u:space. This will give you access to the learning platform (Moodle) with all the information and study materials provided by the lecturer as well as streams (if applicable).

What do I need for a successful start into the new semester?

Where can I get help with my questions?

Please do read the information on our homepage before seeking further help and consult

If you have trouble understanding the changes to your studies due to CoVid, such as the new course and exam situations, you can contact our SSS staff at

Other sources of advice: 

  1. Student representatives: general questions about life as a student, your curriculum and study path - how to survive the semester etc. - extracurricular activities. You can find them here
  2. Our SSS-staff member Monica Dirnberger -