Studying Abroad (Outgoing Exchanges)

(21 Oct 2022/mw)
Completing part of the English and American Studies programme abroad is probably the goal of the majority of our students. Unfortunately, the number of affordable study places in English-speaking countries is limited, since universities in Great Britain, North America, Australia and other English-speaking countries charge high tuition fees.
Within the following student exchange programmes study fees have been waived: the Erasmus programme (including Erasmus International Mobility) and the Non-EU exchange programme.

The Erasmus programme is administrated by the University of Vienna's International Office in cooperation with coordinators at departmental level, while the Non-EU exchange programme is managed only by the International Office. Erasmus International Mobility is a small programme at Master and PhD level with select overseas universities.

The situation regarding UK places has become increasingly difficult as a consequence of UK's Brexit. The University of Vienna is currently negotiating with a number of UK universities about "post-Erasmus study possibilities", but concrete agreements have not yet been reached. Our department may be unable to announce before December how many places may be available, perhaps not even before 2023.

For more information see (Outgoing Mobility). This information will be updated for 2023/24 by early December. Please read this extensive and detailed information carefully before turning to the departmental contact person(s) for more specific questions. Both programmes should be seriously considered by students of English; they are competitive, but nevertheless a considerable number of students of English have made use of them in past years.

Other possibilities to spend time abroad include self-organized Erasmus Internships (Praktika) and, especially for BEd and MEd students, Teaching Assistantships; Teaching Assistantships positions are also available in the USA under the Fulbright Program.

Erasmus Internship, incl. Teaching Assistantship    •    Teaching Assistantship (Europe)    •    Fulbright Program

Application deadlines

Note early deadlines - prepare your application in time!

Non-EU exchange: beginning of November to mid-November for the following academic year

Erasmus application period: officially 20th Jan to 5th March, but at the Department of English applications need to be submitted by 21 February 2023. This concern applications for both WS and SS!!
Short (online-)interviews with all applicants will take place in early March, followed by the (official) nomination until 15 March.