Course recognition (Anerkennung von Prüfungsleistungen)

At the end of an exchange semester / year organised within an official exchange programme you need to have your courses recognised. Your contact person is Mag. Monika Wittmann. She will authorize the final recognition and arrange for the recognised courses to be added in U:Space and get the signature of the (Deputy) Director of Studies (SPL/Vize-SPL).


ERASMUS programme - three forms or documents are needed:

  1.  Application for recognition (Ansuchen um Anerkennung)
  3. Transcript of records (original or copy) of host university. A screenshot of your marks from your host university intranet account is not sufficient for recognition, but may serve to prepare your recognition

 NON-EU EXCHANGE programme:

  1. Application for recognition (Ansuchen um Anerkennung)
  2. Transcript of records (original or copy) of host university
  3. Vorausbescheid (page 2)


Exchange students returning after the winter semester may potentially face problems with missing pre-requisite when applying for courses in the following summer semester. Please contact Mag. Wittmann at the beginning of February to submit your recognition application and to confirm your course recognition informally. Often grades are already available online, but no offiical transcript has arrived yet. You will be switched forward to "vorgemerkt" during the registration period in February. Students returning after the second semester should submit their course recognition documents early enough for processing and completing their recognition before mid-September. 

Important Notes:

  • The two-month-period for carrying out the course recognition (usually stated under terms and conditions of both the Erasmus and Non-EU-programmes) does not start until your transcript has actually arrived in Austria.
  • You will receive an official Bescheid for your recognition - the Learning Agreement After Studies for Erasmus Students is also a Bescheid. Please keep this document  carefully, as it cannot be easily replaced. You will have to submit this document again at the end of your studies.
  • Note also that ONCE A RECOGNITION HAS BEEN CARRIED OUT AND ENTERED INTO YOUR U:SPACE ACCOUNT, IT CANNOT BE CHANGED ANY MORE (principle of legal certainty / Prinzip der Rechtssicherheit).

The recognition procedure can also be carried out via email if forms and documents are sent as pdf (preferred) or jpg files. Documents can also be left in the box outside Mag Wittmann's office or sent by snail mail.

All "Bescheide" and "Learning Agreements" have to be be collected from the StudienServiceStelle Anglistik, which will contact students by email (Unet-address). 

At the Department of English, all recognised courses are immediately entered into the U:Space system and will become visible there; no changes to these recognised courses are possible after this

If students receive Studienbeihilfe during a stay abroad, they can either hand in a separate SB confirmation form (SB/A2) with the other forms, or use the Bescheid or Learning Agreement to prove that they have completed a sufficient number of courses / ECTS.

Last update: Jan 2018/mw