Validierung (Validation)

Recognition of professional and non-professional qualifications

Due to a change in the university law as of October 1st, 2022, professional and non-professional qualifications may be recognized as part of the study program, in case they correspond with the learning outcomes of a specific course/lecture.The recognition can amount to 60 ECTS in total. 

The individual course/lecture outcomes are stated in the course syllabus on u:find and in the respective curriculum. 

For qualifications acquired before the beginning of the studies, students may apply no later than the end of their second semester in the relevant study program. 

Steps to follow:

  • Preparation: make sure to gather all of the needed forms and documents, detailing your (non-)professional qualification and fill out the validation form (in English or German). 
  • Submission and approval: hand in the documents and the application via email through your u:net email address to After this point, the SPL team can check your application and consider the validation.
  • Further procedure (optional): provided that, based on the submitted documents, the SPL cannot establish whether you have acquired the skills and qualifications foreseen by the curriculum for this course, the director of studies can decide to arrange a further examination in the form of a test or conversation with an appointed teacher from the department.
  • Confirmation/rejection of the validation: the SPL decides whether your qualifications cover the content of the exam/course and informs you about the decision. 
  • Application for recognition: if the validation is approved, you must apply for a recognition at the SSS Anglistik via email. Please use this form for the recognition. 
    NB: Please hand in the application for recognition at the SSS Anglistik, only after the validation process has been completed!