MA/ MEd Defensio Info

NOTE: for detailed information on required steps towards finishing your studies please see:

Defensio duration: 1 hour, three parts 20 minutes each.

Part 1: presenting and defending MA thesis, 

Part 2: 1st examiner ( = thesis supervisor): questions on reading list,  

Part 3: 2nd examiner  (chosen by student): reading list.

Examination board consisting of three people: 

1. MA Anglophone Literatures and Cultures and MA English Language and Linguistics:
1st examiner (=thesis supervisor), 2nd examiner (chosen by student from this list), chair (“Vorsitz”)

2. MEd UF Englisch: 
-If thesis is written in UF Englisch:
1st examiner (=thesis supervisor), 2nd examiner (from 2nd ‘Unterrichtsfach’), chair (“Vorsitz”) 

-If  thesis is written in the other subject, just choose 2nd examiner from this list.
Defence will be organised by other subject, conditions might slightly differ

-English as a third subject (“Erweiterungsfach”):
There will be a short oral exam (2 ECTS, 20-30 minutes), choose an examiner from this list