Thesis topics

Below you can find a list of all thesis topics that have been registered and/or written at our department since roughly 1990. This list is updated 3-4 times a year to include all the topics that have been registered in the previous months. You can use it to check whether your thesis is (too) similar to others that have already been registered.

The list is created and maintained independently of official administrative procedures at the SSC and contains the working titles of final theses (i.e. diploma or MA theses; BA level theses are not included). Please note that the final title of the theses may differ from the titles listed here.

All finished and accepted diploma and MA theses as well as PhD-Theses can be found in our E-Theses database. Note that here you can find all theses from our faculty (Philological and Cultural Studies), not just the ones from our department.

If you are looking for a specific thesis, you can find it via u:search or the online catalogue of the University library. All theses are also available in print at the English and American Studies Library.



Administration of thesis topics

Please note that the registration of thesis topics and all related administrative matters (such as changing your topic or supervisor) are handled by the SSC Philological and Cultural Studies.

To look for specific words or phrases, use the CTRL+F function of your browser.